Safe Food Storage for Families – Food Dryer Machine

Secure and healthy food preservation tactics are an important subject. In fact, most people have strict requirements in terms of standards and government approval.

The type of food storage we’re going to be talking about is dry food. It’s objectively one of the safest methods, and what’s not so well known about, also one of the more enjoyable. This especially holds true with a 6-month or 1-year food supply, or longer.

Dry food storage

The reason dehydration is so effective is a lack of moisture. Without it, bacteria can’t grow. Meat, for example, can be restored virtually to its original quality after months of preservation.

It also helps keep the structure of your food intact. Essentially, you’re just reducing moisture, so you can keep all of the nutrients and flavor that makes your food so valuable in the first place.

One stipulation is that it involves cooking. Dried vegetables, for example, can be rehydrated or eaten as is, in the form of chips or a powder that you can add to smoothies and shakes. In one of our previous articles, we share how to safely and effectively store ground beef.

Food storage containers

Dehydrated food must be protected from the elements. Locking out oxygen is an excellent way to extend the shelf life of your fare. Multiple options, including vacuum-sealed bags and glass jars allow you to accomplish that.

There’s also the necessity of fridge and freezer storage containers. We have a lot of hunters who butcher then dry large portions of their meat in order to save space. With less water content, it’s much more compact and also stores for longer periods without damaging its integrity.

In this case, zip-lock or vacuum-sealed bags work extremely well. You can get them in various sizes, included 2-gallon bags.

In the world of emergency food storage, you’ll often see large buckets. These help for bulk storage, however the quality options will contain smaller bags within them. This helps for planning meals, and keeping unused portions fresh.

Food storage supplies

Our #1 recommendation is a food dryer machine. They have multiple feature options to make your life easier and get the job done efficiently.

Outdated products might lead you to believe that some features are too good to be true. A quality model will allow you to dry large batches all at once, while maintaining consistent performance between trays. Accept nothing less than those with patented technologies, such as an external air flow mechanism.

We also recommend a vacuum sealer. They may set you back up to a hundred dollars, but they’re well worth the expense. All you do is place your dried food in a bag, and the machine draws out the oxygen then automatically seals it for you.

Survival food storage

You may have heard about survival MREs and canned food items. These are generally made en masse, with volume in mind rather than quality. When you’re feeding thousands of people each day, this is understandable.

For your personal use, you have much greater control. We share tons of recipes on this blog, from fruit leather and beef jerky to whole meals, like spaghetti with meat sauce.

dryer for food is extremely versatile. One thing to take into account when eating desiccated food, however, is how to rehydrate and heat it. A pot, an open fire and a source of water is definitely all you’ll need when you’re out in the wild.

With that said, storage space may be at a premium. The good news is that dehydrated food is light and compact enough to bring a month’s supply with you in a single rucksack.

Use a dehydrator kit to maximize your family’s options for safe food storage!

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