How to Make Crunchy Apple Chips

In this article, we’re going to show you how to make crunchy apple chips from scratch. There’s relatively little prep work, and the results will be as delicious as apple crumble, with all of the nutritional benefits!

We use a fruit dryer for our apple crisps recipe. You can also use your home oven, but you won’t get the same preservation of nutrients, flavor and texture. In our approach, we’re able to produce up to 25 trays at once, with consistent results 100% of the time.

Tips to success with crispy apple chips

Dried apple chips are abundantly easy to make. Use your choice of apple, from granny smith to golden delicious, green apples, fuji, gala, macintosh and/or honey crisp. Any kind will work, depending on your preference for flavor and size.

Good health apple chips will begin and end with your choice of ingredients. This is a perfect opportunity to buy a large supply of organic apples while they’re on sale, because you can use them all without spoiling a single one. Besides cost savings, it’ll make an enormous difference in terms of enjoyment and energy!

Cut the ends off of your apples. Cut them into slices 1/8” thick, if possible. ¼” slices will work, but will take longer to dehydrate thoroughly, and will often lead to the apples becoming brown. You don’t have to core the apples, as long as you pop the seeds out before drying.

Cinnamon essential oil is a less-known, yet enchanting ingredient in an easy apple crisp recipe. You can add it to lemon juice to prevent browning, add a lovely fragrance and enjoy the health benefits of cinnamon bark extract.

The apple chips recipe

  • 8 apples, ripe
  • 2 tbsp. ground cinnamon
  • 2 tbsp. sugar (optional)
  • Cinnamon essential oil (optional)
  • Lemon juice (optional)

Once you have your apple slices, they’re ready to dry. If you’d like to use the lemon juice, pour 4-5 drops of your cinnamon essential oil into the lemon juice and mix it in. Dip the apple slices into the lemon juice, letting them soak it up for a few seconds.

Mix your ground cinnamon with sugar (if you choose to use a sweetener). Lightly coat each slice with a pinch of the sweet cinnamon, and you’re ready to go. You certainly don’t have to use sugar, and it’s worth experimenting to find your desired flavor.

Set your fruit dehumidifier to 130 degrees F. Place the coated apple slices on your food dehydrator sheets, leaving about ½” of space between them. Dry for about 6 hours, until the apple crisps are dry and brittle, then let them cool for half an hour.

Additional techniques for crunchy apple chips

You can achieve greater volume with a cooking dehydrator. They’re specially designed to maintain equal output of heat across each tray, where most models are capable of using up to 25 trays at a time. This is more economical for your electricity bill, as well.

Your dehydrator should also be designed with an external air flow mechanism for balanced cooking and flavor. A quality model will come stock with an adjustable thermostat, and often a digital timer so that you don’t have to be at home when the apple chips recipe is finished drying.

We also recommend properly storing your baked apple slices. With their reduced moisture content, they’ll last longer before bacteria growth sets in, however we don’t expect that you’ll eat them all in one sitting.

A vacuum sealer is an effective option. They can be pricy however, and a zip-lock bag will be more than enough to safely store your dried fruit at room temperature for at about 2 weeks.

dehydrator appliance will allow you to save money, and enjoy more of the natural, healthy and delicious fruits your family loves!

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