how much does it cost to run a dehydrator

How Much Does It Cost to Run a Dehydrator?

A food dehydrator is slightly relative in cost. The range in expense for running a dehydrator for 24 hours straight is about $0.3 to $3.

Let’s take a meat dehydrator, for example. At 165 degrees F, which is what’s required to safely cook and consume this kind of food, you’re dealing with about 35 watts per tray. At 5 hours of drying, you’re looking at about 2 cents per tray of jerky.

With that being said, there are other relative costs. For example, if you’re running a fruit dehydrator that requires low wattage for 12 hours per day, it must be durable. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying to replace a heater, fan, digital feature or the entire machine, altogether.

The true cost of dry food

As you know, the price of dehydrating food is negligible. The upfront cost of a small food dehydrator that’s built and designed with quality technology is less than $100. A large dehydrator shouldn’t cost any more than a couple hundred dollars.

It pays to deal with reputable companies and manufacturers. An electric dehydrator will come with a one-year warranty as well as accessible and affordable replacement parts and service. This includes custom tools and accessories, like dehydrator trays, jerky making kits and other items.

You can also save money by drying your own food. The benefits of dry food storage are security and economy, in that you save money by purchasing and preparing food in bulk. You extend the shelf life of your fare, and spend less on it, overall.

There are also associated costs with food storage. You can extend the shelf life of your meals even further, by protecting it from oxidation. A vacuum sealer can often cost as much as a food dehydrator, although sometimes less, and allows you to add months or years to your stock of fresh eats.

How effective is an air dehydrator?

jerky dryer is ideal for meat storage and saving money. You can remove up to 95% of moisture content to ward off bacteria growth, and you have a ton of versatility for creating delicious meat jerky.

As an example, consider dehydrated vegetables and herbs. Many families prefer to purchase and grow organic produce, and you can slash or balance your grocery bill on healthy food.

You’ll enjoy the same, authentic nutrients, enzymes, minerals and flavors. One of the health benefits of a dehydrator machine is that you can buy food when it’s on sale without worrying about how to eat it before it spoils.

meat dryer machine is an inexpensive way to get the most value out of food storage, for your family!

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