Kiwi Dry Fruit Is Better Than Candy

Dried kiwi is almost the ideal way of enjoying this kind of fruit. The dehydration process is a match made in heaven, because it tastes great without any additional ingredients.

Kiwi fruit is generally very messy, requiring the use of a knife and spoon, with deliciously sour green juice sticking to our kids’ fingers and furniture. With dried kiwi chips, you can keep them in sealed bags and enjoy all of the kiwi fruit benefits.

The list of kiwi health benefits is extensive. They are loaded with antioxidants to keep your body clean, with advantageous nutrients like vitamin C, Vitamin E, potassium, fiber and more!

Kiwi fruit benefits in dried form

The health benefits of eating kiwi are the same, whether fresh or dehydrated. Using the simple procedure below, you’ll be able to partake in this delicious fruit with only minutes of preparation.

  • Rinse and clean your kiwis
  • Cut into round slices
  • Place on dehydrating trays
  • Dry for about 6 hours at 135 degrees F

That’s all there is to dehydrating kiwi. However, like with dried cherries and virtually any kind of fruit, you have several more options.

Before we continue on, it’s worth mentioning how to store dry fruit, however. The best long-term strategy for storing dry food is to use a vacuum-sealed container. Vacuum-sealed bags are more compact, which makes storage easier, however many people find canning to be advantageous for multiple reasons.

Kiwi fruit uses

fruit dehydrator is capable of producing fruit leather, chips and even juice powder. That being said, we’ve provided some useful tips to getting the most out of any dry fruit recipe.

First, is to use the appropriate kind of dehydrator trays. Because fruit is so juicy, you’re best off using a fruit roll sheet, which is made of a metallic mesh that allows air flow, without leaking liquids. They’re also designed to be easy to clean and to produce consistent, accurate results.

Next, is to understand which fruits go together. You can combine just about any selection of fruits, including lemon, kiwi, cherry and strawberry, and create a unique flavor. Recognize that dried fruit is actually tastier than regular fruit, because all of the flavors and nutrients have concentrated into a more compact form.

This is perfect for juice powder, for example. Kiwi contains a robust amount of natural sugars, which means that you can mix your dried fruit powder with water, and it tastes amazing!

If you’d like to try making your own fruit powder, you can use the following process:

  • Wash, slice, peel and puree fruit in a food processor. Add fruit juice or water to reach a thick, yet liquid consistency.
  • Pour ¼” thick onto fruit roll sheets.
  • Dry at 135 degrees F until moisture is thoroughly removed, then let the fruit leather cool for 30 minutes.
  • Blend the dehydrated fruit, adding speed until it reaches a relatively fine powder.

Is a fruit dehydrator as effective as we say?

Each dry fruit machine will have its advantages. We can’t emphasize enough how advantageous it is to choose a quality model that can run consistently, and produce consistent results. Since you’re reducing moisture by up to 95%, you need steady wattage power and quality manufacturing.

They’re also designed for your convenience, and to help balance your busy schedule. Digital features, like an adjustable thermostat and automatic timer are an enormous relief, once you’ve optimized each of your recipes.

Health and safety, along with economy, are also important. You don’t necessarily need to purchase an expensive, steel dehydrator to avoid BPA in plastic. Our models don’t contain this poisonous chemical, and are even designed to defend against exposure to outside air.

That being said, you won’t get results like you would with freeze dried strawberries. The benefit to that, is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to reduce the extra 1-4% of moisture.

dehydration machine for fruit is user-friendly and will revolutionize your healthy snacking!

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