home jerky making kits

Home Jerky Making Kits Can Provide Stability

The most critical component of a home jerky making kit is a meat dehydrator. A quality model is easily accessible, and provides some advantages. They’re also relatively inexpensive, especially when you consider how much money you save by making jerky at home.

Besides a jerky maker, some other tools may be helpful. A jerky slicer, for example, will allow you to make proportionate cuts in your meat. A sharp, sturdy knife is another alternative for cutting soft meat like fish, as well as large robust cuts of meat like venison, beef or pork.

Jerky seasoning kits

First, consider your jerky cure and seasoning. A beef jerky seasoning can be found in a pack of jerky mix, and can also be prepared at home, using fresh, dried herbs and spices.

A jerky cure is predominantly for preserving and tenderizing jerky meat. It helps prevent bacteria growth in meat, particularly those which cause botulism. If using fresh raw meat, like deer, chicken and fish, you’ll at least want to flush out their juices with salt and water.

You could also marinade your meat in jerky spices. This is often the simplest method of curing, because you’re simultaneously flavoring the jerky and using moisture to effect a thorough and balanced cure.

What you need in a jerky making kit

beef jerky maker is often a comprehensive solution. You can use fresh, store-bought meat of any kind, then flavor and dehydrate it into the perfect batch of jerky.

You can also dry your own herbs. Using the lowest heat setting, fill the custom-designed, food drying trays with as many flavors and herbs, and preserve them throughout the year. You can even make your own jerky mix of BBQ, honey garlic and many other seasoning recipes.

A jerky shooter is also quite helpful. If you don’t have a jerky slicer, you can simply use ground beef, for example, and create equally-sized portions of jerky. This also makes dry curing easier to accomplish, with precise tenderness of meat.

A jerky kit that’s a little more advanced

One of the major reasons for making jerky is to preserve the meat. Salami and biltong are examples that use a cure to prevent bacteria growth, and a long, drawn-out drying process. Reducing moisture to as little as 5% will give your meat an even longer shelf life.

You don’t have to eat dry, tacky beef jerky. There are many simple methods to getting authentic flavor and beautiful texture. Using acidic ingredients like apple cider vinegar, tomatoes and wine will make your dry beef jerky a lot softer and tastier.

You can also soften or shred your beef jerky. A blunt metal mallet or meat tenderizer will tear the fibers of the meat, making it softer. A food processor will shave the dry meat into a jerky chew.

Using a beef jerky maker kit for long-term results

A home vacuum sealer can be a rewarding investment. Preventing oxidation altogether will give your meat a longer life, prevent mold and keep it from becoming too dry. You can also use oxygen absorbers to further prevent the loss of nutrients and minerals that occurs over time.

jerky dehydrator can be a major powerhouse. You family will be delighted with the long-lasting supply of delicious food. You can produce large batches of beef jerky on a daily or weekly basis with 1,000 watts of power at your disposal.

meat dehydrator will provide you with an enormous amount of solutions in one simple appliance.

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