advantages of dehydrating food

The Advantages of Dehydrating Food

Dehydrated food has advantages that are multi-faceted. The main benefit of a food dehydrator is being able to dry food with the kind of convenience and performance that allows you to prepare large batches easily.

Dry food that’s been properly prepared will have its nutrients, minerals and flavors preserved. It has a much longer shelf life as well, because bacteria doesn’t have an opportunity to grow in environments that lack moisture.

Dehydrated meals can be enjoyed perfectly well on their own. Dried fruit, vegetables and meat are common examples. As the water content is reduced by up to 95%, all of the naturally occurring enzymes and nutrients concentrate together.

How to use a fruit dehydrator

The process of dehydrating food is relatively simple. Place it on the dehydrator trays that are specially designed for liquid, solid or sticky foods and set the desired temperature. Once it’s ready, store it in zip-lock bags or vacuum-sealed containers.

There are different types of dried food. In terms of fruit and other produce, they may require some processing to create leather, chips, jerky and other mixtures and textures. Raisins are an example of fruit that can be readily dehydrated, while grapes can easily be blended with other varieties.

How to use a meat dehydrator

A jerky dehydrator is an effective way to preserve meat. You can cure, marinade and season any kind of meat to your preferences, and your dehydrator will take care of the rest.

Freeze dried meat can have up to 99% of its moisture reduced. On the other hand, a capable freeze drying machine will cost several times more money for that extra little benefit. You can vacuum seal your dehydrated brawn with an oxygen absorber and store it in your fridge or freeze for months or years.

There are many ways of preserving meat, traditionally. Some methods simply use a cure of salt and sodium nitrate to produce such meats as salami, and other uncooked French and Italian meats. South African biltong is another example of dried meat that involves long periods of drying meat at low temperatures.

Cool examples of dehydrated meals

In order to produce a large supply of survival foods, food dehydration should be a part of your plan. You’d be surprised by the amount of foods than can be effectively stored, including eggs, meat, vegetables, fruit, dairy, nuts, herbs and mushrooms.

You can create a delicious and easy to use pancake mix with a food dehydrator. Prepare your eggs, milk, bananas and any pancake ingredients that you’d like, in advance. Simply mix it with water and cook, and this recipe will last for years on the shelf, when properly stored.

dehydrator is an easy and cost-effective way to preserve virtually all of your favorite foods!

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