mexican fruit roll up

A Mexican Fruit Roll Up Can Broaden Your Cultural Horizons

A Mexican fruit roll up is a concentrated food source that’s made from fruit commonly found in Mexico. Kiwi, coconut, quince, guava and star fruit are just a few examples of fruit that can be pureed, dehydrated and enjoyed after 12 months of storing.

Bananas, strawberries, apples and apricots are generally sweeter fruits, and made a fruit leather that’s tasty and nutritious. When combined with exotic fruits, you’re also getting a more diverse selection of nutrients with some unique flavors.

Other foods, like vanilla, are also found in Mexico. You can mix up your roll up recipes by using vanilla, brown sugar, flour and sweet potatoes. Other examples also use sweet potatoes, cinnamon, piloncillo and cloves.

Healthy fruit roll ups are easy to make

Fruit jerky, in all of its forms, is simpler to make than jam or syrup. You can simply blend any kind of fruit into a puree, adding juice or water as necessary, and dehydrate it.

Fruit roll up candy can also be made from syrup. Quince leather, for example, can be made by boiling a batch of juiced quince with 1/8th portion of sugar, 1/10th portion of puree and a splash of lemon juice. Once the syrup thickens into a delicious liquid, simply dry it and enjoy the results.

All natural fruit roll ups also mean authentic flavors. Fresh cinnamon, star anise, ginger, black pepper, chili pepper and more can provide a plethora of delicious options.

fruit leather dehydrator is essential. Quality models will come with custom fruit roll sheets, and non-plastic models should contain zero BPA (a toxic chemical typically found in cheap plastic products). Set the adjustable thermostat to 140 degrees and desiccate for about 8 hours.

Expert advice on using a fruit dehydrator is in agreement with our claims. Pour your fruit puree about 1/8th thick, ensuring that it doesn’t cover the inner or outer edges of your dehydrator trays. The mesh fruit roll sheets will ensure consistent cooking, and external air chambers will perfect the process.

Roll up recipes for Mexican fruit

As we mentioned, quince goes well with a bit of sugar and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Pomegranates have incredible health benefits, in terms of hormone balancing, antioxidants and vitamin C content. Like mangos, they taste delicious on their own and blend harmoniously with other fruits.

One key point to remember about food dehydrator recipes is that flavors intensify and concentrate. You’re essentially extracting moisture, leaving all of the nutrients, minerals and enzymes intact, while reducing only water content.

This also includes the sour taste of carambola (star fruit), huayas and guayas. Mixing these fruits with the bold and sweet flavor of dragon fruit might satisfy you immensely. You might also choose to use oranges or strawberries instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Real fruit roll ups will last a long time on the shelf, so there’s no need for any non-food ingredient. For example, you can create a batch of dried coconut chips for a mellowing, tropical flavor, or ground cinnamon to complement your apple fruit roll ups.

Vegetables are also an excellent way to make green fruit roll ups. You can use pureed pumpkin and feed it to your pets as a delicious treat, or combine in with banana and chocolate for your own enjoyment.

How to store your fruit leather

Having a fruit jerky dehydrator gives you complete power over your choice of ingredients. It’s also an effective way to preserve large batches of fruit, for months on end.

One method is to use parchment paper. Simply place you finished tray of fruit roll ups onto the paper, cut out 2”-wide strips, roll them up and attach the end with a stapler. This is a terrific way to serve your fruit leather on a daily basis.

For longer storage, we recommend using a vacuum sealer. This inexpensive gadget uses a vacuum to suck out all of the oxygen, thus preventing it from spoiling for up to a year in your pantry. Oxygen absorbers are effective, as well.

Using a food dehumidifier will open worlds of options to you, and allow you to enjoy seasonal, exotic fruits all year long.

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