How Much Protein is in Meat?

Lean protein comes in many forms. Protein rich food, like pork, turkey and beef also vary in their sodium, potassium and cholesterol content, among many other factors.

Beef protein, for example, can be calculated differently, based on its fat content. Vegan options, like whey protein and pinto beans, also show great nutritional differences based on their processing and cooking, as do most sources of protein.

It’ll be useful to compile a protein foods list. We’ve included one in this article, and we’ll show you reliable strategies for healthy living that’ll help reduce your cost of living, as well.

7 meats and other good sources of protein

1. Chicken and turkey breast – 7 grams per ounce

The value of high protein in chicken is complemented by its amino acid content. Protein is composed of amino acids, and chicken naturally contains each of the essential amino acids that are used to create protein. You can expect about 7 grams of protein per ounce of pure chicken meat.

2. Beef – 7 grams per ounce

Beef is a protein rich food that also generally contains 25 mg of cholesterol per ounce of meat, and about 20 mg of sodium. Generally speaking, it’s a source of lean protein, no matter which cut you choose, as there’s a lot of protein in steak.

3. Salmon and Tuna – 6-8 grams per ounce

Tuna is one of the best sources of protein, and contains about 3 times the amount of vitamin B-12 of beef. Salmon is also a great source of vitamin D and omega-3 acids, with many proven health benefits.

Protein products that are related to fish, such as shellfish, should be scrutinized for their growing methods. The extremely toxic substance called mercury is often found in waterways that are exposed to fossil fuels. It’s too bad, because they’re also a rare source of many vital nutrients.

4. Shrimp – 6 grams per ounce

The meat protein in shrimp is quite lean, while also containing significant amounts of trace minerals and antioxidants. On the other hand, it does contain about 60 mg of cholesterol per ounce, which is more than twice the amount found in beef.

5. Eggs – 6 grams per whole egg

The amount of protein per egg will change based on its size. About half of its protein content is found in the yolk, as well, which means that its approximately 120 mg of cholesterol goes with it. On the other hand, you’re getting about 50 calories, as compared to the 80 or more calories per ounce of beef or pork.

6. Peanut Butter – 8 grams per ounce

Peanut butter is definitely classified as ‘high protein’, but it’s also very fatty due to its natural oils. Peanut butter manufacturers will often combat this issue by adding things like high fructose corn syrup, which don’t have a high-fat composition, but contribute greatly to weight gain and health issues. The best protein that you’ll find will come from the natural, unsweetened and pure varieties.

For a delicious, high protein meal with a ton of natural enzymes, consider combining peanut butter and raw honey.

7. Pumpkin and Hemp Seeds – 6-10 grams per ounce

Hemp is a source of healthy protein and often considered a ‘miracle food’ with compounds of trace minerals, natural acids, fiber and more. Generally speaking, you can expect about 10 grams of protein per tablespoon of hemp seeds, which means that it should actually head this list of protein products.

Expert Tips for a High Protein Diet

Take your plan beyond just which foods have protein. Reducing the moisture content of your food will also help reduce calories, and will concentrate its nutrients. Whey protein, for example, can be combined with many other dry foods like fruits, veggies and seeds, to make a breath-taking and healthy protein shake.

This is very easy to do with a meat dehydrator. Dry all of your ingredients in large batches, storing them in airtight containers for a longer shelf life. When ready, grind your ingredients into a powder, and create a week-long supply of protein powder.

meat dryer machine is also an excellent way to reduce the amount of calories in high-protein foods!

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