4 Reasons to Use a Dehydrator Machine for Dried Meat

dehydrator machine can feature an automatic timer, adjustable thermostat and many other convenience features. What distinguishes it in terms of dehydrated meat, is its ability to create the kind of beef jerky that you want to share with your family.

Reason 1: Cost-effective, long-term food storage

It’s also an excellent tool long-term food storage. Because you can dry food at between 90 and 160 degrees for up to 48 hours, you’re able to get the bacteria-producing bacteria without losing nutrients over time.

Who should use a dehydrator machine?

Reason 2: Greater power and efficiency

meat dehydrator is, hands down, better at making beef jerky than your home oven. Cooking beef is as simple is cutting, seasoning and dehydrating it. There are several storage options, including vacuum sealed containers, and it works with any kind of brawn you can choose from.

Let’s say you have 20 pounds of salmon, and you don’t want it to spoil. You can dehydrate fish, and 12 hours later, you have enough meat to feed a 4-person family dinner for 10 days. Refrigerating your salmon jerky in zip-lock bags, you don’t have to worry about spoiling or cooking it later.

Reason 3: Variance and custom features

Each jerky dehydrator will vary in wattage power and tray capacity. A 1,000-watt food dehydrator will be capable of drying 20 sheets of meat capably, whereas a dehydrator featuring 600 watts might have trouble with this capacity.

You can get greater capacity, flavor and food quality with different dehydrator machines. For example, an effective air flow system will allow you to cook various foods simultaneously without mixing flavors, and less stress on the heating element and fan.

How to make dehydrated vegetables and other food

Reason 4: Versatility in the types of food it can cook

Every veggie that you make with your food dryer machine will have unique recipes and requirements. Simply put, some are more absorbent than others, and offer lend their own flavor to any kind of vegetable chips you make.

Take eggplant, for example. It’s very friendly with other ingredients, so any salt, pepper, peppers, cheese or oils that you dip and marinade it in will be absorbed quickly. Here’s an eggplant jerky recipe that you can try at home:

  • Two small eggplants
  • Water
  • Brown sugar
  • Soy sauce
  • Honey
  • Garlic
  • Ginger

Create the teriyaki marinade for your eggplant jerky by using ingredients sparingly. The salt content in your dried eggplant will intensify as moisture reduces, resulting in a much stronger flavor than the original sauce. Cut your eggplant into thin, 1/8” inch slices that will dehydrate quickly, and marinade for about 2 hours.

Place your veggies into dehydrator trays, and set the timer to dry for 12 hours. Your eggplant jerky won’t be totally dry until cooled off for about an hour, so gauge your result based on its chewiness. Congrats! They’re ready to enjoy.

Using a dehydrated food machine is a great way to make the work easier, and save on both your grocery bill and electrical costs!

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