How to Use a Jerky Maker with 1000 Watts of Power

Using a jerky maker offers multiple conveniences when making dried meat. When preparing bulk batches, by far the greatest feature is being able to cook dozens of trays simultaneously.

Many dehydrating enthusiasts will decide to get an additional meat dehydrator, because their current model can’t handle having jerky trays that are stacked higher than 8 layers. With 1000 watts, you’re able to accomplish this with one jerky maker.

How to use a jerky maker to make consistent, enjoyable results

Most models of jerky makers aren’t designed for set and forget operation. There’s usually a top- or bottom-mounted fan that blows air directly across each tray.

What’s more, even with enough heat, this leads to flavor mixing. Dry beef jerky is possible, but if you want reliable results with less effort, an advanced air flow system is essential.

Typically, meat can take several hours or days to dehydrate effectively. You’re also required to monitor and rotate each tray for a modicum of consistency with large batches. With quality models that feature up-to-date technology, an external air chamber is used to direct air and moisture out the side of trays, instead.

Generally speaking, you can create an entire batch of up to 20 trays this way, and end up with delicious, perfectly balanced elk jerky. By using the appropriate recipe for time and temperature, this works just was well with fish jerky and turkey jerky, as well.

How to make jerky at home by using authentic, original recipes

Chances are, you want to experiment and enjoy recipes for buffalo jerky, as well as jerky seasoning for salmon jerky, and many other kinds of meat.

This requires curing, seasoning, tenderizing and many other processes for your meat. It saves time and money to create batches all at once and collect your delicious food when it’s done dehydrating.

You can save money by purchasing your meat in bulk, and taking advantage of pricing deals at your local butcher shop or grocery store. Dry food will last much longer, which means none of your food will go bad, as well.

Let’s say you want to use a deer jerky dehydrator to make deer jerky. You can bring home the deer carcass you found on a hunt, cut the meat and dehydrate it in far fewer sittings, when you have a food dehydrator that’s powerful enough to process large batches.

You can also dehydrate your own ingredients for use in curing and seasoning recipes. Sliced onion and garlic, for example, can be dehydrated and then ground into powder when you’re ready to use it, keeping it fresh and saving you time and money.

Tools like a jerky shooter can further maximize your effectiveness. Small conveniences that take stress off of your hands, and allow you to process your meat faster can be a real blessing, as well.

Using a jerky dehydrator that uses 1000 watts of power affords you many opportunities that make your life easier!

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