A Dehydrator Jerky Maker Is Better Than Your Oven

A Dehydrator jerky maker that’s designed for dry food offers many advantages that your kitchen oven can’t. While much of your results will come from the meat that you decide to use for your jerky, nothing can replace a superior cooking process.

This information pertains to the beef jerky that you make at home, and what you can expect from a jerky dehydrator. Like any product, each model will perform differently, although there are some common denominators.

The ability to prepare any kind of dry food

Using a beef jerky dehydrator at home can save you money, and allow you to enjoy healthier food. While you can dehydrate food in your oven, it’s nearly impossible to get consistent results.

Working with a jerky seasoning recipe, creating your jerky brine and purchasing your meat in bulk requires a little bit of additional effort. You can relieve yourself of undue stress with features like automatic timers, expandable tray options and various jerky-making tools.

Let’s say you’re using a jerky dehydrator to prepare all of your garlic, onion and peppers. You can do it all in a single batch. You have more space, and with sophisticated air flow systems, flavors aren’t blending between each tray.

This is perfect for any kind of homemade jerky seasoning. The same applies to various kinds of beef jerky recipes, as your beef jerky cure for spicy meat won’t mix with your low sodium beef jerky that has an authentic teriyaki flavor.

You could potentially make your dehydrated vegetables and fruits with each of these recipes, all at the same time. Now you can process each item as your schedule permits.

Beef jerky in oven is frustrating and time consuming

The ideal temperature for making beef jerky at home in your dehydrator jerky maker is about 165 degrees. Many kitchen ovens can only cook at 200 degrees, which is way too high, especially for foods like strawberries, onions, garlic and nuts.

Your home oven is likely equipped with an automatic timer. However, you’re not likely to ever leave your house with your oven running for hours on end. It’s not safe.

Your kitchen oven requires more heat for the same recipes that you can make with a meat dehydrator, because there’s more open space. In terms of pure economy, you’d be spending a lot more money, as well.

Some food dehydrator recipes also require certain types of trays. If you’re looking to make fruit leather, you need an appropriate mesh screen, otherwise your fruit puree will burn, due to lack of air flow.

In simple terms, a jerky dehydrator allows for greater results than your kitchen oven, and is ultimately easier to work with!

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