If You Have a Beef Jerky Oven, Check Out This Guide to Beef Jerky Marinade

One of the first challenges of owning a beef jerky oven, is deciding what to make with it. Homemade beef jerky is dramatically easier to make with one, and that leaves the question, “How do I make seasonings, marinades and even cure my jerky meat?”

Let’s focus on beef jerky marinade, and how this guide can serve you as you try out new homemade beef jerky recipes.

How to make a jerky marinade for your beef jerky oven

You’ll find an endless amount of recipes for beef jerky marinade, that you can use in your jerky dehydrator. Most start out with various sauces, spices, herbs as well as ingredients to tenderize your meat.

For a teriyaki beef jerky recipe, you could combine the following ingredients:

  • Honey, brown sugar or a combination of white sugar and molasses
  • Soy sauce (or an alternative for low sodium jerky)
  • Garlic and ginger powder
  • White, rice or apple cider vinegar
  • Water

As an example, mix these ingredients and place with your cuts of raw meat in a glass bowl, and cover with plastic wrap. To save space, you could also use some durable 1 or 2 gallon zip-lock bags. Finally, refrigerate for about 24 hours.

Whether you’re making jerky in the oven or using a beef jerky maker, you should consider tenderizing your brawn. In Chinese beef jerky recipes, for example, you could use red wine. You could turn things around and also use a dark ale, for a more classic American approach, and there are many other alternatives.

A beef jerky oven makes better meat than in the oven

As you know, there are many more jerky recipes that you can make, and you should consider using a beef jerky cooker. If you’ve made large batches of beef jerky in bulk, you know that flavors can blend, and ruin all of your meat.

Let’s say you have a spicy beef jerky recipe that uses ground beef. You also want to prepare a simple beef jerky recipe that results in a low sodium alternative for your family.

To make your spicy beef jerky, you combine the following ingredients into a marinade:

  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • Dried habanero, jalapeno and red peppers
  • Paprika
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Onion powder
  • Ground beef

This spicy beef jerky recipe will be very hot; enough to melt the pipes off of a boilerplate. Your second recipe uses the next set of ingredients:

  • Black pepper
  • Garlic and onion powder
  • A vegetable powder blend, used in place of conventional sodium nitrate
  • Raw, uncured deer meat

In this example, using a deer jerky dehydrator, the ground beef has already been cured making it a much drier meat, and the deer meat is uncured.

By using a beef jerky oven that features a competent air flow system, you can avoid the problem of flavor blending. Moisture and hot air is evacuated via an external side chamber, rather than permeating up through each tray.

Using a jerky dehydrator will simplify the process for any kind of jerky, and will hep you achieve consistent results!

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