Chinese Beef Jerky and 3 Reasons to Make it at Home

Have you ever had authentic, savory, Chinese beef jerky? Flip the switch on limited expectations for jerky seasoning and styles, with Asian beef jerky. These recipes come from cultural hot spots, world-class kitchens and long-held traditions, alike.

Our first thought on the subject is often that it’s simply pork jerky with Oriental flavoring. Learn about the beautifully balanced and perfected recipes that are still enjoyed by millions of people, because they’ve passed the tests of time and enjoyment.

Reason 1 – Using New Ingredients in Pleasing and Health-Conscious Ways

Although you may have used black pepper, soy sauce and even fish sauce to make beef jerky, Chinese beef jerky has a galaxy of exciting options to explore. You’ll find recipes that allow you to enjoy your favorite varieties of salmon, venison, turkey, buffalo and deer jerky in ways that will leave your taste buds begging for more.

As you can image, Chinese jerky will offer virtually limitless variants of compatible food options. Many recipes call for the use of star anise (which tastes like black licorice), cinnamon, ginger or Chinese spice blend, and there are a lot more options.

Most recipes for Chinese beef jerky use sesame oil, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, white pepper or red wine. For spicy beef jerky, some form of dried peppers, such as red or chili pepper, are used as well.

For a low sodium beef jerky, you can replace conventional soy sauce with a low-sodium alternative. You can also opt out of using salt altogether, although nitrates and salt variants are uses in many cured meats.

Curing meat is a process of reducing water content. Freeze drying food is a far superior method for long-term for storage, and you can reduce your chemical and GMO intake very affordably by using a jerky dehydrator.

Reason 2 – Expanding Your Cultural Repertoire with Bak Kwa

Every country and culture can be a hotbed for expertise on foods that we enjoy, using recipes we’ve never heard of. There’s no question that we love to share our favorite ingredients and knowledge with our friends and family.

To many people, several plates of beef jerky, including South African biltong, Chinese Bak Kwa, Teriyaki jerky from Japan and classic BBQ-smoked meat, would look quite similar. Provide safe, alternative and low sodium meat options for those you love.

Be the person in your family, and circle of friends, that’s seen as a cultural artisan, and a fountain of useful knowledge. Share world-renowned experiences with your children, using creations that are prepared in your home kitchen.

Reason 3 – Bringing the Family Together

Making professional recipes can be time-consuming and simply out of your time budget. Eliminate the guesswork by using Chinese food recipes that are accessible and easy. Dried beef is a perfect example of food that can be prepared in bulk, and enjoyed when you need it.

Find a source of wholesale beef jerky that will save you money on a 3-month supply of meat. While many recipes call for toilsome hours of effort and vigilance over your oven, you can eliminate this issue by using a beef jerky maker.

You can make organic beef jerky at home, as well. Overcome price limitations with the previously mentioned strategy, and enjoy the healthy foods that your family deserves.

A jerky dehydrator will allow you to simply prepare your meat cuts, then press a button and collect your succulent beef jerky. After you’ve chosen a storage method, it’s ready to enjoy when you are.

Automatic timers can be effective at allowing you to set, forget and move on from the cooking process in one fell swoop. Use authenticated and patented air balancing technology to smooth out the process.

Using a beef jerky dehydrator to make Chinese beef jerky is a simple and effective way to experience satisfying meals with your family!

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