How to Take Advantage of Food Dehydrators for Jerky

Everybody who uses any kind of food dehydrators for jerky will have their own tastes, and possibly their own unique recipes. One of the advantages of this kind of cooking, no matter what kind of food or recipe you use, is pure simplicity.

Making jerky in a dehydrator should be set and forget, although many models require more stress and effort than others. Using a dehydrator’s automatic timer and adjustable thermostat allow you to time and schedule your recipes very easily.

Some food dehydrators are built and designed so that checking and rotating trays is no longer a requirement for delicious results.

What you can make with a jerky dehydrator

Your recipes for a beef jerky oven aren’t limited to dried meat. There are limitless possibilities, including the option to dry fruit, including everything from bananas, cranberries and kiwi, to creating fruit leather from puree, or authentic, thirst-quenching fruit juice powder recipes.

You also have the option of cooking venison, and a variety of other meats. Hunters will often dry out bulk amounts of the brawn they’ve taken home.

It’s worth noting that you need the right amount of power from your food dehydrator for jerky. 1000 watts are more than enough for regular, bulk meat drying, however you can’t replace quality manufacturing. Many models allow you to use additional trays very intuitively, at relatively little expense.

beef jerky dryer is also perfect for dehydrating herbs and vegetables. You can enjoy better health and nutrition for less money. Many families will produce soup stock, and a host of dried herbs and spices for use in everyday recipes.

Homemade seasonings and brine for beef jerky

Remember the simplicity of a meat dehydrator. You can prepare most of the ingredients for your jerky brine, cure and seasoning at home, without depending on your oven. Because a food dehydrator is designed for this use, there’s dramatically less nutrient and flavor loss, compared to using a tray in your kitchen oven.

A common and useful example of this, is your garlic and onion powder. Simply chop these ingredients, place them on a tray and let them dehydrator at 150 degrees Fahrenheit for about an hour. Afterward, you can grind them up and store them for your next recipe.

You can store these dry ingredients for years, in many cases. You may not need to use paprika, coriander seed or black garlic right away, but it can be handy to have a supply of them. It’s a wise economic decision.

You can also use your food dehydrator for jerky, to prepare your own black pepper, mushroom, cilantro, lime and any other food ingredient that you’d like to use in your beef jerky recipe.

What to look for in food dehydrators for jerky

As you know, the quality of your beef jerky dehydrator will determine your results. In terms of balancing your schedule and producing more desirable recipes with less effort, an automatic timer is a great investment.

You can find many different models online and in your local stores. We recommend using one with some kind of patented air flow system, so that you can make multiple recipes in one sitting without having flavors blend into each other.

Those who wish to make regular or extensive amounts of dry meat, should know in advance, that parts can break down. Choose a quality model with enough power to cook your meat evenly, and with enough capacity to get the job done.

Many people decide, after learning about all of the fantastic recipes that a meat dehydrator for jerky can make, that they want to use it more often! Models that feature 500 watts or more are just fine, and worthy manufacturers and retailers will offer quality trays, parts, guarantees and other features.

Using a jerky dehydrator is not only fun and easy, but can save you money and revolutionize your family’s diet.

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