Kale Chips Nutrition for Discerning Families

Discover some amazing facts about kale chips nutrition that can revolutionize your diet. While many of us want to simplify our meals and enjoy healtheir foods, there are some important things to know if you want to reduce caloric intake, as well.

Like all foods, crispy kale not only makes for delicious recipes, but it’s ideal for nutritional content as dry food. It’s excellent for retaining nutrients and offers surprising benefits.

Detailed nutritional content of kale chips

As you know, kale chips nutrition is virtually pure. This is due to the fact that when kale is dehydrated, it reduces is water content without leaking nutrients.

Kale is touted for providing more than 1.3 grams of fiber and 6 grams of carbs, with absolutely no cholesterol. Less than 1/5 cup of dehydrated kale will provide more tahn 125% of your daily intake value of vitamin C and vitamin A, as well as 10% in vitamin B-6.

It’s also a great natural source of protein. 1 cup of fresh cale provides about 3 grams of protein, on average, and this proportion increases for dried varieities.

Dried kale is an excellent source of minerals, like calcium (0.1 grams) and potassium (0.3 grams). It also contains magnesium, iron, phosporus and many trace minerals.

With baked kale chips, you’ll receive up to 5 times as many nutrients, in total, with the same caloric intake. 65,688 out of 67,000 grams of kale is water, however retaining your kale chips nutrition will depend on your drying method, especially for essential and trace minerals.

Are kale chips healthy?

The answer, as with all food, is yes, but you must be diligent. Organic kale chips are better, especially heirloom variety, and they’re a staple for many raw and vegan diets. They’re not loaded with pesticides and herbicides and the’yre not genetically modified.

Note that 1/5 cups of dried kale chips will contain about 25.5 mg of sodium. While it’s a whole food source of sodium, many people have heart conditions and other limitations. Having no cholesterol content, they’re generally safe as a snack or part of a balanced meal.

One aspect of kale chps nutrition is fiber. With just over 30 calories, virtually no fat and no cholesterol, kale is a superb aid for digestion, absorbing nutrients and eliminating waste.

Kale chips recipe and how to make them at home

Baked kale chips are very easy to make, both in your home oven and in a food dehydrator. Keep in mind, however, that using a dehydration machine will retain more nutrients and allow you to make better-tasting kale recipes.

There are also various forms of kale chips brands that you can buy at the grocery store, but you will pay a premium for them. In fact, you can buy ingredients for organic kale chips and save money by comparison. Since you’re drying them as well, they’ll last just as long without the use of preservatives.

For the ultimate in kale chips nutrition, health and flavor, consider making raw kale chips. When dried, it’s simply water content that’s reduced, giving you a robust flavor that packs a greater punch than a cup of chopped kale.

Consider using a dehydrated food machine for tastier, more vital kale. An adjustable thermostat and automatic timer will help you balance your schedule and prepare large, long-lasting batches when it’s convenient for you and your budget.

Using a dehydrator machine for roasted kale chips is easy, and allows you to save money on healthy food!

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