The Ultimate Seasoning Guide for Your Beef Jerky Machine

Everybody who owns a beef jerky machine will have different tastes. Combining new ingredients can be guesswork and lead to undesired results, and wasted materials. Use this tried and true method to creating and perfecting easy, original recipes!

Jerky seasoning and how to make it

Whether it’s for jerk chicken or kangaroo jerky, using your jerky maker will begin with seasoning. Before you cut your meat, decide on the flavor you want and how it blends with the kind of meat you’re using.

The most basic recipe for your jerky machine will generally include:

  • salt
  • black pepper
  • onion powder
  • sugar

As you may know, these ingredients can be omitted and changed in proportion, but it all must come together into a harmonious symphony of flavor.

Other common ingredients for beef jerky seasoning include honey, garlic, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, paprika, coriander and various peppers. These can be combined into honey garlic, BBQ, hot, teriyaki and other sauces.

That’s only the beginning for your meat dehydrator. All of these ingredients and more can be dried at home, affording you greater flavor and nutrition for your beef jerky. In many cases, you can actually save money by drying at home.

Making jerky seasoning for turkey jerky in your beef jerky machine, and more

The process is very similar and simple for each kind of meat in your jerky machine. When using chicken, many people will mix their seasoning with their cutlets in a sealed container.

You can then pound the meat with a tenderizer to allow flavors to seep in, and reduce the meat’s thickness. This process works equally well with jerky chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, fish and more.

You can also cure your meat by coating your meat with coarse salt and the rest of your seasoning. Let it sit in a sealed container for about 24 hours before scraping or shaking off the excess salt. This can result in much dryer meat with a bolder, more robust taste.

Other recipes for your beef jerky machine are specifically meant for healthy and nutrition. You can create a low sodium beef jerky, by omitting salt or using a safer, higher quality variety, such as kosher or pink Himilayan salt.

You can also flavor and soften your meat by using sugar. Brown sugar is common, however white sugar and molasses works just as well for a low carb jerky.

Soft beef jerky is perfect for beef jerky chew. Once dried in your jerky making machine, grind your meat into flakes of desired size and thickness.

Turbocharge your jerky seasoning with a beef jerky dehydrator

As you know, there are economic benefits to using a meat dehydrator for your seasoning ingredients. You can stock up on your favorite ingredients that come directly from your home garden, or the grocery store when there’s a sale on raw foods.

Another advantage deals directly with flavor. Drying meat at home in your oven has a decided disadvantage, in that flavors will blend between recipes. This is due to the open air (which also destroys nutrients and expels flavors), where different recipes will blend together.

Using a jerky dehydrator will not only prevent your flavors from mixing between trays, but will make your job so much easier overall!

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