How to use a Beef Jerky Maker to Make a Low Sodium Beef Jerky

Many people prefer low sodium beef jerky, but you can’t always find what you’re looking for without a beef jerky maker. Both new and classic methods allow you to enjoy the simple nirvana of beef jerky protein.

This is extremely important today, especially with low-sodium diets with health implications. In any case, this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a pork jerky recipe that brings you daily pleasure. We’re going to explore the best ways to make beef jerky at home that are easier than using your oven.

Perfect your beef jerky seasoning with a jerky making machine

Beef jerky seasonings are easy to make and use with a meat dehydrator. What’s better, is you decide the quality and proportions of ingredients, whether you’re smoking jerky or looking for the healthiest of organic beef jerky.

We’ve included a beef jerky seasoning recipe for health and nutrition. It’s basic enough to modify for a turkey jerky or spicy beef jerky recipe.

• Black pepper

• Red pepper

• Garlic

• Onion

These are easy to make, especially with food dehydrators for jerky. Simply dry the raw ingredients, then grind and store them for later use.

Using a jerky machine at home can end up saving you a ton of money in groceries. By using raw ingredients and making grass fed beef jerky from scratch, you’re going to enjoy healthier, more nutritious varieties, with better flavor than conventional options, as well.

You can substitute hotter or milder peppers, or not use them at all. Convert this into a teriyaki beef jerky recipe by using garlic more prominently and adding soy sauce. It’s recommended that you use non-GMO, low-sodium soya sauce.

You can also dry beef jerky with honey or homemade BBQ sauce. The options are endless, especially when you consider that you can make ground beef, shredded and even smoked beef jerky. If you choose to use salt, opt for a healthier, purer variety, such as pink Himalayan salt.

Use your beef jerky maker to create your own turkey jerky recipe

Turkey jerky often has a negative stigma attached to it. This is due, mainly, to the common varieties of cheap jerky, which usually smells awkward and isn’t very appetizing.

Take your turkey jerky to the next level with a jerky making machine that you can use at home. We’ve included a turkey jerky recipe that’s very basic and easy to modify, based on your tastes.

• Onion powder

• Garlic powder

• Brown sugar

• Black Pepper

• Water

• Turkey breast

Start by skinning, trimming and cutting your turkey breast to appropriate size. You can alter this recipe, using honey and garlic, for a delicious alternative, although you can certainly create original, homemade versions.

Your beef jerky maker will open a universe of options for you. Make sugar-free, low carb beef jerky or turkey jerky by using maple extract, erythritol and stevia glycerite instead of brown sugar. You can also substitute brown sugar for white sugar and molasses, for a softer result.

No matter how you choose to enjoy your brawn, a jerky dehydrator can slash your grocery bill and allow you to eat healthy and safe foods!

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