How to Use a Deer Jerky Dehydrator Like a Pro

What challenges do you experience when processing wild game? We reveal the top 3 tips for using a deer jerky dehydrator that every hunter should know.

A dehydrator for jerky allows for greater solutions in food storage and cooking meat. You can process large cuts of venison in specially designed trays.

Get the power and versatility you need from a venison jerky dehydrator. You can regulate heat and air effortlessly, and depending on the wattage, produce enormous amounts of venison jerky in one sitting.

Each hunter experiences similar problems. Store more meat in the same amount of space, create better-tasting recipes and extend the shelf life of all of your meat. These expert tips will allow you to do all of that, and more!

How to make a deer jerky marinade for your deer jerky dehydrator

Most deer jerky marinade recipes are very similar. Many people recommend using regular white vinegar, however apple cider vinegar also provides health benefits, such as regulating cholesterol and reducing blood pressure.

We also recommend using a variety of salts with your dehydrator for jerky. Pink Himilayan salt is highly endorsed, and you may also choose to use smoked salt, based on your preferences.

Here’s a basic list of ingredients for your deer jerky marinade recipe:

• Your choice of vinegar

• Worcestershire sauce

• White or brown sugar cane sugar

• Salt

• Black pepper

There isn’t one best way to use a deer jerky dehydrator. Remember, that you can make use of ingredients like white or black garlic, as well as other herbs and spices, and save money. Simply dry, grind and store them for later use.

It’s like making beef jerky in a deer jerky dehydrator

The first step to using a deer jerky dehydrator is to cut and portion your produce. With deer meat, you’re likely going to age the meat for flavor and tenderness, as well.

Dry aging deer meat can be difficult and complex. You can do it at home, but it requires highly controlled temperature and humidity conditions for best results. The wet aging process is a matter of sealing your meat in plastic and refrigerating it for days or weeks.

Other than that, it’s a fairly simple process, especially when you’re using a dehydrated food machine. You can set an automatic timer to effortlessly complete your batches on time, even when you’re away.

Modify your beef jerky recipe

Deer jerky seasoning is a great place to start. As you know, different meats are unique in terms of flavor, whether you’re comparing salmon and pickerel, or pork and beef.

Many people use mushrooms, onions, ginger and deer jerky seasonings. You can create teriyaki recipes very easily by combining garlic and soy sauce. You can also tenderize and flavor your venison jerky with lager, ale and wine. The options are endless.

Using a jerky dehydrator to process your meat at home is very easy, and takes a lot of the stress out of the dry food storage process.

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