Create a 1 Year Emergency Food Supply

You can build a 1 year emergency food supply at home. Food dehydration and freeze drying, for example, are excellent food storage methods.

Whether from the job economy, outrageous food prices or an unforeseen catastrophe, you don’t want to be left vulnerable. Take matters into your own hands economically, and enjoy greater quality along the way. There are specific tools, methods and information that will help reduce costs and improve your standard of living.

1 year emergency food supply i

Prepper food is something that comes in many forms. Although you can purchase supplies that are created for you, there are distinct advantages to producing an emergency food supply of your own.

What a 1 year emergency food supply should contain

A jerky dehydrator can help to prepare and store all of your essential supplies. You don’t want any member of your family to be left without a meal, and it’s important to have a balanced supply.

Our bodies require a varied and comprehensive diet for health and vitality. A bulk supply of grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy and sources of protein should be included in your regime. Avoid processed nuts and canned foods with BPA in them.

A 1 year emergency food supply should have:

• Vacuum-sealed or freeze dried meats
• Dry fruit and vegetables
• Fruit juice powder
• Grains, such as wheat, barley and rice
• Herbs, spices, soup stock, etc.

There are also particular varieties of dry food that are effective for specific reasons. Vitamin C, for example, is beneficial for the immune system. Dried orange slices are a concentrated whole food source of Vitamin C and many other nutrients, when prepared effectively.

Is freeze dried food an ideal solution?

Shelf life is an essential factor for a 1 year food supply. Be prepared and secure, without having to constantly replace items from your stock. Beef jerky can be made to last for several months, while most methods will last only a month.

Quality grains, such as rice, flour and barley can keep for decades. Other foods, such as meats, require specific processes and it’s important to get right the first time. When you’re creating a year supply of food, you don’t want to have to go back and reproduce what you’ve already accounted for.

Freeze dried food can work wonders. It’s an effective long-term storage method that reduces oxidation significantly, keeping food longer. A food dehydrator is a more cost-effective approach for quality results.

How to store a year supply of food at home

Most done-for-you packages and emergency food rations will contain the basic requirements. However, you’ll find that you can produce greater quality foods in your own garden. You can also shop for deals while they’re available at the grocery store, and take advantage of bulk food storage techniques.

Even with just a 3 month food supply, one key factor you should keep in mind is packaging. Zip lock bags aren’t going to keep food fresh as long as vacuum-sealed bags and jars, for example. Freeze dried meat can store in excellent condition for up to 2 years.

Challenges of creating an emergency food supply at home

Going out and buying canned items from the grocery store would cost a small fortune. Many done-for-you food storage options are also expensive, especially considering the money you could save by preparing your own food supply.

One highly recommended solution for a 1 year food supply for a family of 4, is to use a food dehydrator. You can prepare a large supply of herbs, and even fruit powders, at home, at a fraction of the cost. With expandable and versatile tray options, consistent heat and automatic features, you’re really in control.

For example, you could dehydrate 12-30 trays of elk jerky in one sitting. It costs less than purchasing jerky commercially, and takes less time than simply using your oven. A food dehydrator that offers an adjustable thermostat and an automatic timer can be a real blessing, because it’s essentially a set-and-forget operation.

Using a jerky dehydrator to create an emergency food supply will not only save you money, but it could provide your family with ultimate security!

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